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Eau Dyn Morocco partner of Aqua Dyn Auroville

Aqua Dyn Auroville, the leader in bio-dynamised & informed water by Light and Sound®, has been providing a technological & credible response for over 25 years
to access to clean water & preventive health care in the world.

She has registered two patents. The Bio-Dynamizer® and the Light & Sound® process.


All the water filtration and dynamisation systems offered by Eaudyn Maroc are equipped with this dual technology.

Exceptional water quality

Aqua Dyn Auroville's technology, integrated into the various products offered by Eaudyn Maroc, combines four levels of drinking water treatment:

  • Extreme purification,
  • Bio-dynamisation®,
  • The release of trace elements in the ionic state
  • Information through Light and Sound® equipped with tanks.

Combined, these four treatment levels ensure a long-lasting quality of the treatment, a structuring of the water favourable to vitality and a perfect physico-chemical balance of the treated water, making it biocompatible with the body's water.
No chlorine or chemical treatment

Health benefits

Aqua Dyn Auroville's technology offers drinking water that is bio-compatible with our biological water (75% of body mass).

After a few weeks, the benefits for users are :

  • Better intra-cellular hydration
  • More vitality
  • Better food absorption
  • Improvement of intestinal transit (constipation)
  • Easier digestion
  • Deep hydration of the skin (anti-ageing)
  • Homeostasis, ...

Aqua Dyn Auroville water is thus a daily tool for health prevention and aids in the recovery of the body's metabolism and immune system.

Therapeutic potential

The biodynamised and informed water of Aqua Dyn Auroville Fountains was tested (June-October 2016) by the ERADMA laboratory, headed by Prof. Luc Montagnier, Nobel Prize in Medicine 2008, alongside Dr. Jamal Aïssa.

The study consisted of evaluating, in vitro, the impact of Aqua Dyn Auroville water on the electromagnetic signals detected in the plasma of patients with HIV+, Lyme and autism.

Below are the findings of this study which reveals the therapeutic potential of Aqua Dyn Auroville's Light & Sound® Biodynamic and Informed Water.

A positive impact on the biotope

As part of Aqua Dyn Auroville's research and development on the positive impact of water on the biotope, it was decided to launch MICROTOXO microbiotic tests.

The results of the MICROTOXO microbiotic tests carried out by the Berthet laboratory, in collaboration with the biophysicist Yann Olivaux, confirm the positive effect of bio-dynamised water using the Aqua Dyn Auroville technology on the balance of the intestinal flora.

Microbiological tests (MicrotoxO) for Aqua Dyn Auroville's biodynamic fountain systems

The data from the E. Coli test indicates a clear inhibition of bacterial growth of 30% in the Melusine fountain water compared to the reference control water, i.e. the "blank".

The data from the Lactobacillus plantarum test indicates a lack of bacterial growth inhibition (5%) in the Melusine fountain water compared to the "white" control water.

Assessment and interpretation :

The comparative results indicate the inhibiting power on the growth of "pathogenic" microbiotic bacteria such as the E. Coli strain of the water modified by the Melusine fountain devices (with a 30-day rest period) compared to the reference control water known as "white".

On the other hand, there is a neutral effect on the growth of Lactobacillus plantarum (a biogenic bacterial strain) in the Melusine fountain water (with a 30-day rest period) compared to the reference control water known as "white".

Finally, the "modified" water from the Mélusine fountain is of obvious interest because it clearly shows inhibiting potential on a strain of Escherichia Coli.


A positive impact on agriculture

The biodynamic and informed water of Aqua Dyn Auroville Fountains has a positive impact on agriculture. On germination, but also on the production and preservation of certain products.

Impact of Aqua Dyn bio-dynamisation on the germination of organic Dhal seeds




Our ambition is to go beyond simple access to drinking water to offer the poorest people the same opportunities as those in Western countries to be able to drink, and to offer their children water that not only does not make them sick, but also contributes to the well-being and health of everyone.


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